Electric Car for Race Competition

Okay so there’s this electric car competition, our school has an electric car. Let’s improve the design to make it vastly superior to other racecars, I have limited time to complete this so lets blitz it and hope for the best. This is a team project!






Some further working points and points that have been covered:

  1. Designed new Aluminum Chassis to reduce mass of chassis, ran finite element analysis simulations to ensure vehicle holds up in a race and in crash scenarios.
  2. Added synthetic suspension (term coined by me that refers to suspension that does not need shocks or springs to cushion the ride of the vehicle, rather the chassis itself is used as suspension).
  3. Refactored shape of vehicle body to reduce drag, integrate passive battery cooling, passive driver cooling, and increase downforce. Ran fluid simulations using MatLab and Flowsquare to validate design works. Created novel method of creating low-cost fiber-glass fabric molds for molding new body through the use of 3D printing cross-sections of the part and creating exact mold without the use of expensive CNC milling machines.
  4. Refactored electrical system to increase energetic margins of vehicle through reducing battery heating and redoing the electrical wiring with industry standard gauges and wire crimps. Added insulation box to prevent injury.