I think all things should start with a good ‘hello world’.

#include <iostream>

int main() {
    std::cout << "Hello World!";
    return 0;
Hello World!

First thing to address is that I have taken way too long to get around to getting this website up and running. I planned to have this website started in March but with exams getting in the way, and other projects taking precedence I have only now been able to get this started.

My main motivation to make this website was to share things I learned and my projects in an open-source and accessible way so that I may perhaps aid someone in troubleshooting their own projects, as I all-too-well understand the pain (and pleasure) that is felt when some ‘unsolvable’ problem is encountered and solved by finding some sort of niche (but relevant!) post from like 2002 on how to fix this super-duper specific problem on a long abandoned forum.

Another motivation for me would be to get all my resources and ideas into one place so that I don’t have literal stacks of sticky notes and other assorted pieces of paper I happen to stumble upon when having an idea lying around, such as the following sticky note monster.

forbidden sandwich

Further plans now would be get some cool looking graphics for the website especially on the home page such as this or this.

I also plan to create some further posts following this regarding the site documentation and how it was made so that you too can replicate this, and I plan to post some of the fixes to various problems I encountered with getting this website to propagate to DNS services, and failed builds on github pages.

I may also move this whole website over to Netifly.com’s free plan instead of github pages due to the 2GB limit which I might quickly approach due to the large images, pdf files, and videos I am due to upload in the research and projects section. Netifly also supports Git LFS which Github Pages does not so that would also be a plus.

Lastly, an RSS feed has been setup as seen in the menu which if you have an appropriate RSS reader you are able to receive a sort of newsletter based service of my posts and other blogs’ posts that you may subscribe to too.

Anyway, thanks for reading :)